Self Reflection

This is the reflection that is based on the self test to start the module. The answers given in the test was all based on general knowledge without any prior knowledge of the module.

I am someone who accesses a lot of content online mostly for the purpose of self awareness and inspiration for some of the design work that I do.Most of the content I access are usually bookmarked into categories so it is easier for me to go through it when I need to. In addition to finding information I also do a lot of content to publish online. Most of the content are advertisements and branding social media profiles online. Therefor it is important to stay up with trends to find out what a target audience likes.

However, when it comes to collaborations or online communities I am not that active in those platforms since I keep a close group of friends.In the past I did try to be active on forums and talk about things but it soon became uninteresting.I do not really find the time to collaborate with others to do work or even create content. It maybe due to the different schedules or working styles between individuals.Recently I’ve been trying to collaborate with a few individuals in some pro bono work. It’s going good but it’s still a little hard to work with more unfamiliar faces.

When it comes to online identity and portfolios I try to maintain a certain level of professionalism.On the other hand I could be careless and share what ever I feel like depending on my mood. This is something to improve

Cyber security is a very important aspect of today.Therefore I try to fully utilize all measures provided by service providers to keep my personal information secure.



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