Topic 1: Reflection on the concept. What did I learn?

Reflective post.png

  • Almost everyone has used the information sources provided
  • Classmates used personal examples and opinions in explaining terms
  • Importance of these two categories in digital marketing

So now it’s time to reflect on what I’ve learnt from the first topic Digital Residents and Visitors. You’d be able to find a few of the important things that I’ve learnt from reading through blogs of some of my classmates and my own self-evaluation on the topic and areas of improvements for future posts.

From almost all the blog posts that I’ve read it was easily identifiable that everyone has very well understood the concept and were able to apply the concepts into practical examples. For instance Shafiq mentions that as a graphic designer that he uses the internet for inspiration and also to brand himself to sell to potential clients therefore, he evaluated himself as a digital Resident. Isaac was able to reason out why there has been a change transition of into this concept. He highlighted that it is because of the changes in lifestyles and development of technology and introduction of social media

The comment on my blog by Eugene got me to believe that I should’ve considered putting in more of a comparison between the two categories. If I was an unaware reader I would’ve questioned whether or not there is a relatively vast difference between the two categories of web users.

Areas for improvement.

For my future posts I should try to incorporate more factual evidence and use interactive content which is more related to the topic addressed. Aesthetics is important at the same time so is usefulness of the presented content

Summing Up

The two types of users are very important for digital marketers to present information that is relatable and can be processed by both sides of the spectrum.


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