Topic 2: Single or Multiple online Identities?

headerAn online identity is not only a social media profile that we use. Online identities can also be used for functions such as E-Commerce and Online dating. Online services have all developed technology that allows for customers to create profiles. This therefore, gives the customers a choice of portraying themselves in different personas. The question raised due to the accessibility of these services is the legitimacy of the information and persona put out on the digital platform.

The main reason for having multiple identities is the security of having all information that an individual valued as personal on a single profile. By using a “Single Sign up” option on services that a customer is using an online service provider is then able to delegate the process of securely storing user information to another much bigger service provider (ie: In Signing up for an app we are able to use our Facebook profile). In the event these bigger service providers are breached it leaves users vulnerable. Secondly people prefer a certain level of privacy and does not want to face actions in the workplace for actions they’ve taken during their time off the job. Finally some governments track and sanction anyone who are speaking against their actions creating fear among their citizens creating barriers to free speech.

(Identity Risk: The Danger of a Single Identity | Alex Schoof | TEDxHerndon)

The video provided above explains more into the risks of having one identity instead of multiple.

However, there are negative consequences of having multiple identities. For instance by creating different personas in different platforms it allows for a user to act freely with the feeling of anonymity. This allows for them to misuse these platforms and abuse other users. By regulating users to have one identity it makes people more responsible for actions and aware of the things that they are allowed to do.  For instance in Online dating if a user creates multiple profiles and portray different personas to different individuals it means that the user is actually manipulating someone’s emotions towards them for their entertainment.

I’d like to sum up by providing a short yet strong short film. This very well establishes the facts about creating a persona which is accepted by other individuals and hiding yourself behind it.


Online identity: is authenticity or anonymity more important? (Aleks Kortoski)

To be or not to be, the importance of Digital Identity in the networked society (CRISTINA COSTA, RICARDO TORRES )

Multiple Personalities And Social Media: The Many Faces of Me (Meghan Casserly)


9 thoughts on “Topic 2: Single or Multiple online Identities?

  1. Hi Zai! Thank you for your concised explanation of the pros and cons of having a single or multiple online identities. It is indeed scary how technology/social media sites are able to gather data and form profiles of us just from simple things such as our browsing history, or what our peers tag us in. So what is your take on this then? Do you feel that we should only have one online identity, or multiple ones?


  2. Hello Zai,
    Your critical analysis of this concept is quite well-rounded I must say.

    You bring to light some areas of the online community such as online dating and e-commerce to discuss the real question of legitimacy of information and persona put out on to the digital world by an individual.

    I also appreciate how you have provided valid points in favour of multiple online identities in a structured manner and topped it off with a relevant and appropriate video.

    We both seem to agree on the negative and dangerous opportunities multiple online identities provide individuals who might intend harm. These concerns make strong arguments against the use of multiple online identities.

    One suggestion I have for you is that you could provide a personal opinion on which school of thought you support or maybe deliver a personalised message based on the facts that you have well portrayed.

    Isaac Sam

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    1. Hi Isaac, Thanks so much for the feedback. I did try to find a relevant scenario to explain the concept with a personal experience and only realised later on that I tend to be a single identity user due to the convenience of it

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  3. Hey Zaidhan! I thought that I could be the first one commenting on your topic 2 blog post, yet unexpected issue does happen some time ‘sigh’… Regardless, The ‘award winning’ film you posted particularly interests me, depicting how many people are ‘putting up the masks’ to face the world. ‘thumps up’ for that!

    You mentioned, “The main reason for having multiple identities is the security of having all information that an individual valued as personal on a single profile.” So, is there a possibility to have
    a single online identity that secures all personal information? (check out ‘one time password’ solution-

    Hope you find the comment useful!


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