Topic 2 : Reflection; Am I one or many?


reflective-postMultiple online identities and arguments for and against this topic is a vast and in depth topic. I’ve learnt to appreciate users who value their privacy on forums and started to respect that this is because of very good reasons such as the topics discussed being sensitive and also due to government surveillance. I was also able to determine the risk of storing personal information in one single online identity .

This topic has really opened my eyes towards the issues of cyber security and also how marketers can use online identities to manipulate consumers into buying products and also how different niches of the market can be reached through targeting . I was made aware of these facts after reading through the post by Karise. In which she used her personal example to express that the reason for this is to reach the right people and keep updated on what is important in regards to her interests.

Secondly Kaye’s post really made me think about how the concepts of single identities and multiple identities can really be seen in the offline day to day lives of people. It really made me think how we as humans are programmed to “fit in”. Her reply to my comment also made me realise the persona portrayed all depends on the amount of reliance on the platform.

The comment made by Kaye on my blog got me to question where I stand and also was relevant to Isaac’s comment where he suggested providing a practical example from my personal experience. Honestly, I’m not very sure where I stand. I tend to use my Facebook profile to sign up for other services but I filter out and portray a different persona on different platforms in regards to my interests. Maybe it’s time to really determine where I stand in the virtual world. Am I one person or am I many? I sum up this summary by asking you the same question. Are you just one person or many?


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