Topic 3 : Reflective Summary, Digital Footprint and ensuring Jobs.


This is a very important topic especially for undergraduates who are looking into stepping out into the working world. By reading and doing research and in the process of writing the post I was able to garner a lot of knowledge into how to better manage my social media and digital footprint. As I’ve mentioned in my introductory self-evaluation I am someone who is very careless when it comes to what I share on my social media profiles.

The comments presented by Walden and Vivian are very constructive and helped me really get more in-depth with the topic. The question that Walden presented made me realise that there is a certain limit to what people can actually endure when it comes to people “being funny “ and being annoyed by very insensitive and harsh opinions does not put you at fault. When sharing opinions and posts one must always be sure to ask themselves the question “If someone else said this would I get offended?”. I think it’s a valuable interpretation we must all take in and think about before sharing opinions. Walden’s article was also very informative and interactive to any audience as it did include a lot informative graphics.

While reading through Vivian’s article the general interpretation that I got from it is that it’s okay to share an opinion as long as it is presented with the appropriate etiquette and also that an individual should not be scared to post something personal on their social media thinking if might affect their chances with a job. It also raised the question of whether or not there is a proper balance to amount of personal and professional posts shared on a social media. I’d recommend to use multiple online identities, one for personal and one for professional life.

All in all as undergraduates it is important for us to realise the importance of a Digital footprint and really ensure chances with jobs by making the right moves and leaving the right impression on our online profiles.


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