Topic 4: Reflective

With the new developments in technology companies are becoming more innovative and skilful in performing functions. It is visible throughout the different functions of the company. Unfortunately, some of these new innovative ways aren’t really the most ethical.

When looking into the function of marketing it was evident in according to Angelines‘ blog that some companies use “unannounced” endorsements. This could also be related be related to a more recent case where a YouTuber was doing unannounced product placements in his videos. If cases like these keep recurring it could lead to misinformed customers.

On the other side of the spectrum in according to Normans blog in recruitment employers are using E-Screening to select the better employees could have both sides. Sometimes consciously or unconsciously this could lead to discrimination in race, gender and religion. This was very well supported with the facts provided by Norman.

Secondly, unethical use of the internet can also be found in education. As Shafiq talked about online bullying is a problem that majority of the population has faced in some point of their life. What is saddening is also that although it is a common case as he mentioned as a reply to the comment that I left, teachers and parents are not aware of cyber bullying as most victims are too ashamed to admit about cyber bullying.

All of these issues raised are not caused due to “illegal” use of the internet. All of this is based on ethics and how far one is willing to cross to gain profit or to shame another. These are not issues that can be stopped easily but these are issues that need to be addressed and taken seriously, laws against discrimination in e-screening and misinformation of customers need to be integrated into the internet before it’s too late. Although not illegal these unethical practices can lead to devastating effects.



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