Topic 5: Reflection

The concept of open access can be integrated into a lot of things that are available on the internet. A lot of discussions have occurred on whether or not implementing this concept will take away the livelihood and motivation of individuals. The concept of making content free and available for everyone to use has many consequences at the same time can provide benefits.

One of the main points that grabbed my attention was  the comment left by Mogan where he questions if resources available online would have an impact on other industries other than the field of academics. If so if it’d be a positive or negative impact.


In the industries such as entertainment artists are suffering due to the problem of piracy. Billions of dollars are being lost due to the concept of “Free for all” or Open access. These are some negative impacts on these industries. However, we are able to see artists who are thriving on open access platforms such as YouTube garnering them the publicity they need. Open Access content does not mean that it needs to be easily downloadable. It means that content available online should be accessible to everyone without any pay wall. If platforms are able to make it harder for the content to be illegally downloaded and then redistributed it can provide a better sharing environment for creators. At least that’s how I interpret it.

The concept of Open Access is a complex model. There are ways that researchers and authors can profit from this model. By integrating it into different platforms that pay per view or per, click authors can generate revenue to support their lifestyle. It’s a concept that can be implemented into various other business models . This could keep both the users and creators of open access resources happy.


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